A personal project to imagine an architectural form in harmony with a rainforest environment. Rather than warring, this community live in peace, recycle their armaments and use solar energy. Click the link above for more..


Concept art for film and TV. Click the image gallery.


Prop concept artwork and technical drawings for series 9, the most exciting being Peter Capaldi's Sonic Screwdriver. It was rewarding to be given ownership of something so important, from concept through to completion.

Stephen Cooper is a concept artist for film, television, visual effects and games.

He uses 3D software and Photoshop and is familiar with the specific requirements different industries require.


He recently enjoyed creating some eerie set design concept artwork for the sequel to horror film '47 Meters Down.'

Before that, Prime Focus needed photoreal concept art of complex visual effects simulations for '2.0' - a science fiction film. 

He enjoys being inventive and not only creating beautiful imagery but working with creative people to imagine coherent worlds inspired by our own. 

A creative professional since 2002, Stephen started in the games industry where he worked as an Environment Artist on titles such as Timesplitters and Silent Hill. 

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